August 2018:  Braiding Sweetgrass By Robin Wall Kimmerer

August 2018: Braiding Sweetgrass By Robin Wall Kimmerer

Simply put: this is a truly beautiful book.  It is all about our relationship to Nature and how it has changed over time.

I am attracted to books that make me look at the world and my place in it from a different angle.  This shift in perspective translates so easily into inspiration and new avenues in artwork, which is why I am moved to share books like this with you.

It is easy for artists to see the landscape, the flora and fauna, and sky overhead in terms of shapes, textures, and colors.  That is how we operate - to translate what we see into a visual language.  But when there is a shift in perception, when something familiar becomes new again, this change can effect our visual translation in surprising and transformative ways.

As artists, I believe it is also our job to keep our eyes open and our minds alive.

Kimmerer has effectively translated pieces of Indigenous wisdom and adapted them to modern dilemmas through the filter of science.  She has magnified relationships that exist in the natural world through stories from her life and elegant prose.

This books is an ardent call to action to re-tune our awareness, but it simultaneously reads like a kind of lullaby, offering peace and understanding.  

Each short chapter stands alone to offer a story, a nugget of wisdom, a new (or old) perspective.  

I especially enjoyed reading this book after finishing Second Nature by Michael Pollan.  Both authors approach similar topics from very different directions, but each with eye-opening insights.  

I'd love to know your thoughts on this one! To join the discussion just use #greenleafblueberrybooks to share your reactions!

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