August 2019:  In Pursuit of Inspiration by Rae Dunn

August 2019: In Pursuit of Inspiration by Rae Dunn



I haven't had much time to read lately.  Between traveling for workshops, trying to keep up with my studio tasks, enjoying family visits, and chasing after my little one (who is officially walking as of this week!!!), I've traded in my regular reading time for sleep or sketching.  So, coming across this lovely book at Two Hands Paperie in Boulder was a treat in that I could pick my way through it in one afternoon.

In Pursuit of Inspiration is a beautiful, slim volume illustrated with gorgeous pictures and whimsical watercolor paintings on matte finished pages.  Scattered throughout are the author's ideas, observations, and stories about where to find and how to look for inspiration.

This has been a subject that has deeply interested me over the last year or so.  As I was pregnant and now having a beautiful little babbling baby in my life I've felt stretched pretty thin in terms of overall life balance and especially in my creative practice.  I have never before felt a lack of inspiration, so I was taken by surprise when I found myself scratching the edges of my mind for fresh creative juice.  Often I would remind myself that my body was working hard on its greatest project ever and to be open and gentle with myself - to allow my mind to quiet while my body was firing away on all cylinders.

So I have stopped to listen and observe how other people get inspired and be more vigilant about what sparks my own creativity.  

I read - savored really - this book as we drove home over the Rockies this summer.  Whether you're stumped or not, this book is a delight to sink into for refreshment.

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