June 2019:  Draw Your Day By Samantha Dion Baker

June 2019: Draw Your Day By Samantha Dion Baker

I have followed the work of Samantha Dion Baker for a while now (and I'm sure some of you have too!), so I was eager to purchase a copy of her book when it came out.  

It lays out her combined approach to journaling & sketching, called Sketch Journaling.  While I enjoy her illustrations and am amazed and inspired by her giant finished stack of sketchbooks, I wasn't really sure if sketch journaling was for me.  I very much enjoyed reading her book, but I didn't want to adopt her style, so I was a little unsure of how ultimately useful this book would be -- at first.

For a while now I have been searching for a new direction in my painting practice, especially as I am facing increased time constraints as both a new mom and a self-employed artist.  Sketch Journaling somewhat surprisingly gave me the answer that I was looking for.

My problem was that I was having a lot of trouble justifying the time to sit down with my sketchbook each day.  Sitting down to draw and paint seemed aimless, off-topic, and therefore often pointless!  However, to not create was leaving me irritable and frustrated.

Now I sit down each evening after I have tucked Aurora into her crib and create a page that illustrates our day.  I know I am creating something for my family that will help us remember these blissful, busy days of Aurora's first year, and I am also getting to stay practiced with painting and drawing, but in a directed yet low-pressure application.

If any of you are feeling stumped in your practice - or like you don't know where to begin with one, I would recommend giving sketch journaling a try, and this lovely book provides a wonderful and inspiring guide to getting one started.

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