March 2019:  Make It Till You Make It by Brendan Leonard

March 2019: Make It Till You Make It by Brendan Leonard

This book spine immediately popped out at me when I first noticed it because I have never liked the phrase "fake it till you make it".  I understand the logic to the idea, but that phrase has always rubbed me the wrong way.  It is thrown around as practical advice so much in the art world, so I was intrigued by a different take.

This is a slim little volume (under 100 pages) that you can page through in one evening.  As stated on the cover, it contains 40 Myths & Truths About Creating.  Plenty of these will be familiar ideas to many of you, but Brendan Leonard has a ruthless and concise take that gives fresh perspective.

He also explores some new ideas like vision over process and embracing new mediums, being humble, and reasons to share your work.

Whether you are an aspiring artist hoping to one day quit your day job, a hobbyist looking to progress, or a seasoned professional navigating a day-to-day creative career routine, this book provides a firm kick in the butt to produce - which is, after all, what this art thing is all about.

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