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Announcing Foundation & Next Level Watercolor Workshops in Boulder, Colorado!

I am pleased to announce a limited set of dates for Summer 2019 in beautiful Boulder, Colorado!  I will be teaching both a Foundation Watercolor Workshop and a Next Level Watercolor Workshop, offering both during each set of dates.  

These courses will be offered along side Calligraphy Workshops by the one-and-only Lindsey Bugbee of The Postman's Knock.  After taking a break from in-person workshops, Lindsey will once again be offering her popular Beginner's Modern Calligraphy Workshop on the same limited dates, alternating times with our Watercolor Workshops (so you'll be able to sign up for both)!  

We invite you to join us for a blissful fun-filled and information-packed weekend of creativity in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.  Read on for summaries of each Watercolor Workshop, links to Lindsey's Calligraphy Workshops, and information about vacationing in Boulder for those traveling in from out-of-state.


Boulder Colorado Flatirons Watercolor Workshop

Boulder, Colorado

Foundation Watercolor Workshop

This workshop will provide a broad yet thorough foundation for those interested in the process of watercolor painting.  I am including all of the information I wish I would have learned as a beginner.  I took private watercolor lessons starting at a young age, but it wasn't until years later, after finishing fine art school, and after beginning to chase my dreams out in the West that I returned to watercolors and fell passionately in love them.  This workshop is all about sharing that love potion with you.  


Greenleaf and Blueberry How to Choose a Watercolor Brush

A small handful of different types of watercolor brushes, each useful for different techniques, applications, and styles.  I wrote a blog post all about Watercolor Brush Basics, and will be sharing more information with examples in these workshops.


During this workshop, you can expect to learn about:

- Brief history of the watercolor medium

- Getting to know your supplies

- Basic brush handling (including water brushes), color mixing, composition, and watercolor technique

- How to pick a subject & steps to turn your subject into a painting

- Creative confidence

- Power of the sketchbook & establishing a painting practice


This workshop will answer the following questions:

Do I need talent to become a skilled watercolor artist?

How is watercolor different from Oils, Acrylics, Gouache, Tempera, Encaustics, etc.?

How important is it to spend a lot of money on supplies, and why are the really nice ones so expensive?

What is the real difference between student and artist grade paints, and which are best for beginners?

How long will I have to practice before I can expect to create work I am proud of?

Do I need to start my paintings with a drawing?


Participants will be provided with all necessary supplies for beginning watercolors including: 
Greenleaf & Blueberry Adventure Set
2 Watercolor Brushes
Water Brush

and more...


This workshop is designed to set you up with the basic supplies of watercolor painting and an understanding of how to use them with confidence and joy.  You will be able to leave at the end of the session with the knowledge and direction to begin your own sketchbook or studio painting practice.

This workshop is recommended for beginners and those with some experience alike.  Open to all skill levels, and to both those that identify as artists and those who do not.  However, I do not recommend this workshop for children.  (If you are below age 16 or are a parent interested in attending with your child under the age of 16, please drop me a line to discuss.)

Enrollment is now open!  Click here to reserve your place.




Greenleaf and Blueberry Handmade Watercolors Wild Birds Egg Set Minimalist Color Palette Jess Greenleaf

 Colors mixed using only two different paint colors!  You will learn how to make the most of the colors in a limited palette to keep things light when you travel, and to unlock hidden possibilities in your palette.


Next Level Watercolor Workshop

This workshop presents next-level concepts and techniques in watercolor and art-making.  By delving deeper into the watercolor medium, you will discover how to truly make it your own and derive joy from painting subjects that most spark your interest.  In essence, painting is the process of turning a vision (whether an idea or something you see directly) into a picture.  The magic happens when you progress to the point of feeling that you have a command of the process and are able to communicate your unique vision through your art.  This workshop is about finding your artistic voice and learning how to use your tools to make your vision come alive.  


During this workshop, you can expect to learn about:

- Watercolor artists past & present

- Customizing your supplies for your specific painting practice

- Next level brush handling, color mixing, composition, and watercolor technique

- Choosing watercolor paper, including working on tinted papers

- Handling "mistakes"

- Using references & finding inspiration elsewhere

- Distilling your vision & finding your own creative voice


This workshop will answer the following questions:

Which are the best colors to use?

How do I use references responsibly?

Are natural hair brushes really better and worth the money?

How do I avoid feeling overwhelmed and just enjoy my painting?

How do I create work that brings me joy and find pleasure in the process?


Participants will be provided with all necessary supplies for next level watercolors including: 
Greenleaf & Blueberry Sequel Set
3 Watercolor Brushes
watercolor paper sheets
and more...

This workshop is designed to take you to the next level beyond the basics.  You will be able to leave at the end of the session with a roadmap to discovering and crafting your own unique artistic style and a solid set of techniques to assist you in bringing your visions to life.

This workshop is recommended for those with some watercolor experience.  The Foundation Watercolor Workshop is not a required prerequisite, but provides a nice base to build upon with this workshop.  I do not recommend this workshop for children.  (If you are below age 16 or are a parent interested in attending with your child under the age of 16, please drop me a line to discuss.)

Enrollment is now open!  Click here to reserve your place.


Jess Greenleaf Artist Greenleaf and Blueberry Sequel Set Watercolor Painting

A quick painting I did a few years ago using the Sequel Set on tinted paper.




Each of these workshops will be limited to 12 people so that I can spend time addressing any and all questions and allow one-on-one attention for each participant.  Each workshop will also be three hours long with one fifteen minute break in the middle.  Both workshops (the Foundation Workshop and the Next Level Workshop) are stand-alone and need not be taken together, but are designed to dovetail nicely for those that elect to attend both and are looking for a weekend of total immersion in watercolors.

I believe in a relaxed, open, and positive learning environment.  Questions and discussion will be welcomed and encouraged.  Upon arrival, participants will be greeted with hot tea and tasty snacks before finding a place at the table, which will be festively arranged with fresh flowers.  Each place setting will be personalized and include an informational packet with a collection of watercolor painting supplies for you to use during the workshop and take home with you.


Greenleaf and Blueberry Foundation Watercolor Workshop Boulder Colorado
Watercolor Workshop supplies all laid out and ready to go!


Watercolor Workshops
Jess Greenleaf Artist Greenleaf and Blueberry Watercolor Painting Mt. Shuksan
 A quick study of Mt. Shuksan.  You can see the colors that I used swatched out at the right of the painting.


Lindsey of The Postman’s Knock and I will be alternating workshops times at the same venue on the same weekends. She will be hosting Beginner’s Modern Calligraphy Workshops either before or after the G&B Watercolor Workshops (depending on the day)!  More information about her 2019 workshops will be available on Tuesday (on, but if you’d like an idea of what her workshops are like, you can visit this article.  I would encourage you to subscribe to her popular Newsletter if you'd like the advance scoop!


Calligraphy Workshops

Jess Greenleaf Artist Greenleaf and Blueberry Watercolor Painting Bookcliffs Colorado Western Slope
 This is a small painting I did of the Bookcliffs here in Colorado's Grand Valley.  This was done in a more loose, textured style that I developed over the last few years.  It's always fun to experiment with something new!


Both my Watercolor Workshops and Lindsey's Calligraphy Workshops will take place at The Riverside in downtown Boulder, Colorado.  It is located next to Central Park and the Farmer's Market in the heart of Boulder, which makes it very convenient to grab lunch or enjoy a picnic in the park between workshops, should you elect to enroll in both a Calligraphy and Watercolor Workshop.


The Riverside Boulder Colorado Greenleaf and Blueberry Watercolor Workshop

The Riverside in the heart of Boulder, Colorado.


The space we will be using is walled with windows and flooded with natural light.  It over looks the creek and invites both peace and inspiration while you paint.


The Riverside Boulder Colorado Greenleaf and Blueberry Watercolor Workshops

Our Workshop space at The Riverside.


I am lucky to call the amazing state of Colorado home.  If you will be visiting Boulder from out-of-state (or even from somewhere farther afield within the state), there is an abundance of delights to enjoy during your stay.  Click here for a list of my favorite Boulder experiences, or click here for a list of Lindsey's favorites!



Meet Jess:

Jess Greenleaf Artist Greenleaf & Blueberry Handmade Watercolors Watercolor Workshop Boulder Colorado


I'm Jess Greenleaf, founder of Greenleaf & Blueberry.  The world of watercolors is the most amazing rabbit hole I could have hoped to fall into - Wonderland found!  In addition to creating my own line of watercolor paints, I enjoy painting with them in all types of settings - from airplanes to rocky cliffs.  In addition to being a colourwoman and a painter, I am also passionate about sharing my love of the medium.  Learn the story of G&B here.

I believe that painting in watercolors can be a truly empowering experience.  It allows you to turn any place into an art studio.  Life moves at a different pace when you stop and paint it.  Your senses are enhanced, the world becomes more vibrant, and details reveal themselves when you slow down to observe.  Memories are stored differently when you've chosen to paint rather than snap a photograph.  Whether you are interested in painting the flowers in your garden as they bloom this season, painting a changing landscape as you travel, or painting as a way to relax and find some peace, equipping yourself with the tools and knowledge you need to enjoy life with a paintbrush can be a transformative decision.

I am so looking forward to meeting you and getting to spend time together working with watercolors!

Jess Greenleaf Artist


Jess Greenleaf Artist Watercolor Painting Greenleaf and Blueberry Monarch Butterfly Painting Plein Air

The Monarch Butterfly painting I created for our Paintable Project Series. This realistic style of rendering is more meticulous and technical than looser styles, but it is also more relaxing and less difficult than many people assume!




Jess Greenleaf


Jess Greenleaf

We have been traveling to Colorado frequently since our son has been posted there for the past three years. The good news is that he is coming home in two weeks. The bad news is he is separating from the military and I won’t have an excuse to visit Colorado. I’m sorry to miss your classes!

Jess Greenleaf

Oh my goodness! What a beautiful setting – so inspiring!

Jess Greenleaf

@Jane if you click the link to the session, it has the price and option to add it to your cart

Jess Greenleaf

Entered the giveaway on TPK for a metallic set. Thank you for all the information you share!

Jess Greenleaf

I’ve been looking for a good watercolour class for ages! I wish I didn’t live so far away! 😭

Jess Greenleaf

What is the cost of each of the two watercolor workshops and how do we sign up?

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