Arches Watercolor Blocks - 140lb. - Various Paper Finishes


Arches Watercolor Blocks - 140lb. - Various Paper Finishes
Pad of 20 Sheets
8 x 10" / 20 x 26cm
100% Cotton
Pre-Stretched paper
Acid and OBA Free
Made in France


This is a watercolor block, which means it is glued on all four sides (most paper pads are just glued at the top).  There is a gap in the glue so that pages can be carefully removed with a palette knife or butter knife.

Watercolor blocks have pre-stretched paper, so you can skip this step!  Stretched paper means that it can absorb heavy washes without buckling, puckering, or rippling.  While Arches blocks come in a wide variety of sizes, we are just carrying the 8x10" size because it is wonderfully portable and can easily be popped into a standard frame.  

A nice perk of these blocks is that they are very stiff, so there is really no need for a backing board.  It's kind of like having paper and a drawing board all in one.  

I have used Arches watercolor blocks for over twenty years.  Hope you love them too!


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