Faces of G&B

There are five pairs of hands that work together to produce our line of colors.  From measuring pigment to mulling wet paint on the slab, carefully wrapping each plan, hand painting each color chart, packaging orders for shipment, responding to emails, and creating posts for our blog and monthly newsletters.  We spend a lot of time together and rely on one another's strengths to accomplish our work each day.

We are pleased to meet you!


Founder, Co-Owner, Artist

Jess Greenleaf Artist Greenleaf and Blueberry

 I'm Jess Greenleaf and I founded G&B back in 2011.  Anything you read here on our website, in our Newsletters, or on our Instagram account has been written by me.  It's a pleasure to share our work and be in communication with you!  I have a BFA in Art History and a passionate love of blueberries.  When I'm not painting, writing, or carving brushes, historically I could be found climbing and cowboy camping with my husband Matt and pup Rosie out in the desert.  These days you're more likely to find me cooing over our baby girl Aurora or playing the piano while I gaze at the large map of the West that hangs on the wall above it.

Favorite G&B color:  Vivianite

Favorite food:  Besides blueberries?  Pomegranates.  I could have easily named us Greenleaf & Pomegranate.

Favorite place:  Switzerland in Fall.  Colorado in Winter.  Washington State in Summer.  Forests of Missouri in Spring.

Next Vacation:  Pacific Northwest

Favorite Artist:  Maria Sibylla Merian

Favorite Music:  My daughter's laughter  

Favorite Book:  Second Nature by Michael Pollan

Fun Fact:  I really enjoy darning old socks.

Pet Peeve:  Chain stores.


Co-Owner, Master Colourman

Matt Greenleaf and Blueberry Artist Chemist Modern Colourman Entrepreneur Business Owner Western Slope Colorado

 This is my husband and business partner Matt.  He is the mad scientist behind our wonderful paint recipes.  No detail is too small for his notice, no problem too inconsequential to run a new test on.  In addition to being Master Colourman at G&B, he is also a fine woodworker, trail runner, and alpinist.  He once biked from Bellingham, WA to the North Cascades National Park, trail ran in to the remote Picket Mountain Range, climbed the West McMillan Spire, and then did the whole trip in reverse.  These days Aurora loves listening to him read her Dr. Seuss books.

Favorite G&B color:  Malachite

Favorite food:  Hot Tomato Pizza in Fruita, CO

Favorite place:  North Cascades

Next Vacation:  Methow Valley

Favorite Artist:  My wife

Favorite Music:  Chopin

Favorite Book:  Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond

Fun Fact:  Getting to the bottom of Mt. Everest is harder than getting to the top of Mt. Rainier.

Pet Peeve:  Aluminum cookware and dull knives.


Shipper Extraordinaire, Production

Laurel Greenleaf and Blueberry Pink Hair

If you place an order with us, it will be carefully assembled, packaged, and shipped by Laurel.  All of the handwritten notes accompanying each order are penned by her as well.  What really stands out about Laurel (beseides her amazing technicolor hair) is her perfectionism and how much she really cares.  If a color chart doesn't come out just right or a label isn't quite perfect, she'll start over.  In addition to her work at G&B, Laurel is a talented cook.  Just getting to listen to her describe her culinary inventions is a mouthwatering experience.

Favorite G&B color:  Celadonite ♡♡♡

Favorite food:  TEAAAA (it counts)

Favorite place:  In any forest ever

Next Vacation:  New York City???

Favorite Artist:  Wife Beibei (She uses our colors!), Aria Fawn, Van Gogh

Favorite Music:  Sonata Arctica, Billie Eilish, Sound Garden, Debussy (I have listened to all of these while shipping.)

Favorite Book:  Any plant encyclopedia, Warriors Series

Fun Fact:  I am an avid baker and cat aficionado.

Pet Peeve:  Sugar ants are the bane of my existence.


Apprentice Paintmaker, Geologist

Nikki Greenleaf and Blueberry Geologist

Nikki works side-by-side with Matt hand-mulling our small batches of color.  Each pan she fills is a miniature work of art.  She has a degree in Geology and brings a different level of depth and knowledge to bear in working with our pigments.  Her passion and curiosity are contagious.  Nikki is also a skilled artist and creates beautiful detailed work that showcases her passion for geology and paleontology.  And there is no one more stoked about dinosaurs than Nikki.

Favorite G&B color:  Malachite. Yellow Ochre.

Favorite food:  Biscuits & Gravy

Favorite place:  Leslie Butte, ID.  White Sands, NM.

Next Vacation:  Brooklyn, NY

Favorite Artist:  J.A.W. Cooper

Favorite Music:  David Bowie.  Waaves.

Favorite Book:  Watership Down by Richard Adams.  Any geology book.

Fun Fact:  I collect National Park pins. I cut off a piece of my index finger when I was 6.

Pet Peeve:  Cat-calling.  Slow drivers.


Colourman, Production, Itinerant Rock Climber

Matthew Yaris Matt Colorado Rock Climber

 Matthew is a paintmaking machine and has a knack for mulling up batches of our most difficult colors with ease, precision, and gusto.  He has a Philosophy degree with a Minor in Music, and an infectious energy and humor that electrify our studios.  When he's not mulling up fresh batches of paint, he can be found dangling from a portaledge while climbing the big walls of Yosemite National Park in California or the desert towers of Utah.  Matthew has also hiked both the entire Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trails.  Many climbers know him as Yaris Matt.

 Favorite G&B color:  Malachite

Favorite food:  Hot Wings from Longhorn Saloon in Edison, WA

Favorite place:  Utah Desert

Next Vacation:  Utah Desert

Favorite Artist:  Nikki McShane, Jess Greenleaf, Hannah Marshall, Lisa Moody

Favorite Music:  The Grateful Dead, especially their live shows in the 1970's.

Favorite Book:  It by Stephen King

Fun Fact:  In the last 3.5 years I've spent under 200 nights in a bed.

Pet Peeve:  When people trash/disrespect the Utah Desert.



We appreciate you taking a few minutes to get to know us!  Thank you for letting us be a part of your creative journey.

jess Greenleaf Artist Greenleaf and Blueberry




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