Hand-Carved Watercolor Paintbrushes



Tools make the trade.  Without proper tools, we would be finger-painters.  This isn't to say masterful work cannot be achieved through finger painting.  On the contrary!  However, tools are the business end of our intent.  They are the objects that achieve what our fingers alone cannot.  Tools are a necessary component of work, like a core ingredient of a recipe.


Greenleaf & Blueberry Hand Carved Paintbrushes by Jess Greenleaf


Artwork is the sum of Tools, Materials, and Intent.  These parts are very different and all equally necessary for successful execution.  It is important to have a working knowledge of each of these components so that they can be used to their fullest potential in bringing to life the image you are trying to create.

As an artist, I have developed a passion for the tools and materials of my trade as much as for the purpose for which I use them.  My paintbrushes and palette have become cherished objects, for as the paintings and scenery are ever-changing, the tools I use remain the same.  

I choose to honor my gratitude and respect for my tools by incorporating them into my art.  For many years, I have turned plain wooden handles into detailed carvings.  In this way, I am creating art for the artists.   Tools for creativity that are works of art in and of themselves.

Each design is original, every brush we offer is hand-carved by Jess Greenleaf and one of a kind.


Greenleaf & Blueberry Hand-Carved Watercolor Paintbrush by Jess Greenleaf

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