Matt is a rock climber, chemist, and colourman.  He joined his wife Jess to perfect the formulations of Greenleaf & Blueberry's line of watercolors.  He has merged the hundreds of years old tradition of paint-making with exacting modern and proprietary techniques that he has learned and developed.

Matt's academic coursework is in chemistry and microbiology, which led him to a professional career as a quality control specialist and factory manager.  While attending university, he also worked construction building and finishing houses.  


Greenleaf & Blueberry Artisanal Handmade Watercolors Matt


Matt is also a multidisciplinary athlete. He has competed in triathlons, mountain foot-races, and participated in a 180 mile bike ride to raise money for MS.  He is also a rock-climber, mountaineer, and ultra-runner.  He has a flare for multi-sport long-distance self-powered adventures.  

Given the number of mountain peaks on which he has stood, his wide variety of interests and pursuits, and the depth of his academic and professional background, Matt has a very unique perspective, knowledge base, and skill-set.  

When he is not hanging off of sheer rock faces or running up mountain trails, Matt is working away in the G & B studio mulling new batches of paint on the slab, always maintaining the highest quality standards for our ingredients, methods, and final products.

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