Limited Edition 2020 Da Vinci Natural/Synthetic Mix Quill Watercolor Brush with Metalpoint Handle Tip

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Da Vinci Watercolor Brush
Limited Edition - 2020 Selection, Series 438-2020
MIX B Natural Hair/Synthetic Mix
Size 3 (Only one size made, Size 3 is the size it is closest to.  Note Quill brushes are much larger than similarly sized Rounds)
Artist Grade
Made in Germany

We only have two of these - once they are gone, they are gone!

This is one of the most special and beautiful brushes I have ever had the pleasure to hold.  It is a quill style brush, which means it features a plastic ferrule (traditionally, this ferrule was made from bird's quills) that is wrapped with wire.  The bristles are a mix of natural and synthetic hairs, giving it the best properties of both.  The deep green Raffir wood handle is engraved with the makers name and which number of the edition the brush is. The brush handle is tipped with an Italian Ethergraf (non-toxic) metalpoint tip for traditional drawing (Leonardo da Vinci used this method at times).

Although the literature is unclear, I believe this is a mix of Da Vinci's fines blue squirrel hair and Casaneo synthetic bristles.

Includes leather brush sleeve and signed, numbered certificate.

Please Note:  Natural squirrel hair like this has a beautiful point and amazing absorbency, but it is not known for good snap - that simply isn't what this kind of brush is about.  Squirrel Quills (or mops) are used for washes and looser painting techniques.  Blending it with a bristle like Casaneo will improve it's snap considerable.  Still, I only recommend this brush to those who are familiar with working with natural squirrel hair or natural/synthetic mixes.  I want whoever chooses to invest in this beautiful brush to adore it and use it.  If you are more accustomed to synthetic sable brushes, this brush will not behave how you might expect!


Yes, this brush is quite spendy.  It is also exquisitely and specially made.  Just something a little extra special I had the opportunity of sharing with you.


Tip: To extend the life of any paintbrush, use a pocket mister to spray down your watercolor pans a few minutes before you dive in and begin using them.  This saves your brush bristles from the extra fatigue and wear-and-tear of re-wetting each color.

Brush Care:  After use, simply rinse your watercolor brushes in clean water, reshape the point with your fingers and, if possible, lay them horizontally with heads off the edge of your surface to dry completely.  Avoid storing wet brushes in any kind of sealed container to prevent mold or degradation of the glue at the base of the bristles.


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