How To Use Brush Shaper

How To Use Brush Shaper

A standard part of caring for your brushes is mending them when the inevitable accident does happen.  When a brush is distractedly left in a water cup (horror!), or maybe one wiggles out of place while traveling and dries in a funny shape, or maybe there is a rogue bristle or two.  This is the kind of damage that is easily fixable with Brush Shaper.  

Brush Shaper Speedball

What Is Brush Shaper

It is a lovely little product by Speedball, designed to help re-shape your brushes when their natural shape has gone astray for whatever reason.  Think of it as something like conditioner for your hair or hair gel.  It helps strengthen and straighten. 

Think of it like a little first aid kit for your brushes: it is there to fix brush boo-boos, but not perform surgery or heal chronic disease. 

It is considered non-toxic, but contains borax (1% or less), so you don't want to soak your feet in it or anything (which is very far from its intended purpose).


How To Use Brush Shaper

  1. Select the afflicted brush that you would like to mend.

  2. Give the Brush Shaper a little shake to make sure the solution is well-mixed.
  3. Dip your brush in the shaper.

  4. Shape your brush with your fingers.  It will feel a bit like hair conditioner.  As you shape, remove excess solution.

  5. Once your brush is satisfactorily shaped, set it to dry.  Best practice is to let it rest horizontally, with brush head hanging over the edge of a table or counter.

  6. When you are ready to use your brush again (and after it has dried), rinse out the shaping solution. 

       7. Then you are ready to go!


This is a product I have used for years, from time to time when I have a brush that gets a little frustratingly misshapen.  It has proven very helpful and set some brushes back to rights.  It isn't a miracle product, but one that I am glad to have at hand in my studio.  I hope you find it useful to know it is an option!


Jess Greenleaf

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