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Travel Watercolor Palettes
Designed for portability without compromise
Artisanal Handmade Watercolors
Artist Grade, Single-Pigment, Small Batch, Specializing in Natural Pigments
Professional Watercolor Brushes
Travel & Traditional
Handbound Sketchbooks
Archival, Designed for Watercolor & Travel
Hand Carved Paintbrushes
Art for the artist
Paintable Projects
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Welcome to Greenleaf & Blueberry: Artisanal Handmade Watercolor Paints, Plus Materials & Supplies for the Traveling Artist

We are a tiny Artist and Chemist owned and operated company specializing in handmade supplies and materials for the traveling artist.  Everything we create is held to the highest possible quality standards and made with obsessive attention to detail.  We offer Artisanal Handmade Watercolors, Travel Palettes, Hand-Carved Paintbrushes, Digital Paintable Projects, Stickers, and tons of information on our Blog.  We are based in Western Colorado.

Extended Sojourn Bijoux Set (Full Pans, Half-Pans, Shells)
Wonderland Bijoux Set (Half-Pans)
Landscape Palette Bijoux (Half-Pans)
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Peacock Holding A Himalayan Poppy In Vatnajökull Set (Half-Pans)
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Breaking In Enamel Palettes & Mixing Areas To Prevent Watercolor Beading

Breaking In Enamel Palettes & Mixing Areas To Prevent Watercolor Beading

Enamel is widely considered one of the very best surfaces on which to mix watercolors, however, when it is brand spanking new it can cause them to bead like crazy.  Enamel breaks in beautifully over time with use.  In this post I explain how to break in or prime new enamel mixing areas in a few easy steps.
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Waterproof Ink In Fountain Pens For Watercolor Painting

Waterproof Ink In Fountain Pens For Watercolor Painting

The world of fountain pens is quite a rabbit hole, and purchasing one can seem overwhelming and intimidating.  There are a lot of options, a huge range of cost and quality, and oh... then there are all of the inks.  In this post I am specifically going to talk about choosing and using fountain pens with waterproof ink for watercolor painting.

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Creating Your Perfect Palette

Creating Your Perfect Palette

In this post, I will speak directly to customizing the colors in your palette, and how to adapt your choices to your practice and preferences, by walking you through they way I assemble my own watercolor travel palettes.
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Color Mixing Chart (Blank), Paint-It-Yourself, Digital Download
Color Chart (Blank), Paint-It-Yourself, DIGITAL DOWNLOAD
Magic Paint Tubes Paintable Project Digital Download
Color Characteristics Chart (Blank), Paint-It-Yourself, Digital Download

Meet the Makers

Hi there!  I'm Jess Greenleaf, an Artist living at the edge of the Rockies in Western Colorado.  My husband Matt and I founded G&B back in 2011.  Between his background in Chemistry and my experience in the art supply industry and Art History -- and our mutual love of Nature, a business bloomed...

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