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Greenleaf & Blueberry Professional Handmade Watercolors Plastic-Free Shipping

As of January 1, 2020, we are 100% plastic-free in the shipping and packaging of our materials.  

Additionally, we have purposely designed our shipping supplies to make them more re-useable.  We do not brand our shipping boxes, tissue, or ribbon so that they can have a second life as gift wrap or craft projects.  Also, we do not use stickers or any other adhesive on our tissue so that it will not tear when you open it (so it can be re-used without looking like it!)

Shipping Boxes: 100% recycled content, made in USA

Padded Mailers: 100% recycled content, made in USA

Brown Paper Wrap: 100% recycled content, made in USA

Paper Cushion Fill:  100% recycled content, made in USA

Paper Tape: 50% Recycled, certified recyclable, made in USA

Tissue Paper:  100% recycled content, made in USA

Note Paper: 100% recycled content, made in USA

Ribbons: 100% Rayon (bamboo), made in USA



We are active recyclers, both in our home life and in our studios.  Anything that can be re-purposed is.  All discarded materials are properly sorted and then dropped off at our local recycling facilities.


Be The Change You Want To See

In both our personal and professional lives, Matt and I have become very careful consumers.  As a result, I have become demandingly curious about the origins and contents of the items I purchase, and want to provide you the same information I seek.  I truly believe that you get what you pay for, and that every dollar you spend is a vote for the type of world in which you want to live.



The amount of research and testing that were required to bring us to this point was more than a little overwhelming!  For example, in my search to find the perfect ribbon that was beautiful, functional, and environmentally responsible, I ended up spending part of an afternoon reading about various types of silk worm farms (and decided against using silk ribbons).  And what I've concluded from all of this is that unfortunately there really are no completely perfect solutions.  The world is too interconnected and complex for isolated perfection.  So our solution is to be always improving, always learning, always working to raise the bar on quality, sustainability, and beauty.  We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor!


With Gratitude,


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