Environmental & Social Responsibility

The quality of our products, the health of our customers and ourselves, and the vitality of the environment we depend upon to live are all taken into serious consideration in everything we do at G&B.

We are currently in the process of revising our shipping and packaging materials.  Our goal is to be 100% plastic-free in the shipping and packaging of our materials by January 1, 2020.  The exception to this will be our plastic Half and Full Pans, but we will be offering non-plastic alternatives to those very soon.

We have always been very intentional in selecting every material we use, ensuring it is as high quality and environmentally friendly as possible, while still keeping our prices affordable.  

I am listing this information in hopes you find it useful, to provide transparency, and simply to offer you more information about what and who you are supporting.  In both our personal and professional lives, Matt and I have become very careful consumers.  As a result, I have become demandingly curious about the origins and contents of the items I purchase.  I want to provide you the same information I seek.

The following is a current overview of our practices and will be updated as we complete our transition to plastic-free packaging:



Shipping Boxes: Made in USA by a small independent company located in the Pacific Northwest.

Tissue Paper:  Made in USA

Bubble Wrap:  Made in USA, Recyclable

Shipping Label Paper:  100% Recycled Paper

Brown Shipping Paper: 100% Recycled Paper



Pan Wrappers:  Made in USA

Pans:  Made in Germany


Gift Wrap

Wrapping Paper:  Made in USA

Gold Ribbon: 100% Rayon (made from wood pulp)

Hang Tag: Made in USA

Envelope:  30% Recycled Material, Made in USA

Message Card: Made in USA



We are active recyclers, both in our home life and in our studios.  All materials are properly sorted and then dropped off at our local recycling facilities.



We love the amazing people that work for us!  We believe in a healthy work/life balance.  While Matt and I work most days, the people we employ enjoy four day work weeks and three day weekends.  We pay above a living wage, offer a super flexible schedule, paid vacation days in addition to paid holidays off, paid sick days, and as of Fall 2019 we now offer health insurance.  Employees who have been with us over one year have their premiums 100% covered, and new employees split their premiums with us 50/50.


The amount of research and testing that were required to bring us to this point was more than a little overwhelming!  For example, in my search to find the perfect ribbon that was beautiful, functional, and environmentally responsible, I ended up spending part of an afternoon reading about various types of silk worm farms (and decided against using silk ribbons).  And what I've concluded from all of this is that there really are no perfect solutions.  The world is too interconnected and complex for isolated perfection.  So our solution is to be always improving, always learning, always working to raise the bar on quality, sustainability, and beauty.  We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor!


With Gratitude,



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