The act of painting facilitates living a more meaningful life. 

Rendering a painted image stimulates the senses and slows time.  It asks you to notice the contours of a landscape, face, or memory.  Eyes and brush perform a  dance, matching colors and textures, tracing lines, washing pigment across the page to breath life into a depiction.  

Painted memories are captured in high definition, with sounds, feelings, and stillness stamped into the vivid memories that will spring to life as if a spirit invoked when your eyes meet your painting after an absence.

Painting nurtures observational skills, encourages technical development, and naturally develops a unique way of noticing the world.   

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You can paint anywhere.  

The drive to make, to use you hands, to be creative is part of our humanity, woven into our DNA.  Painting is for everyone.  You do not have to have a dedicated studio, lots of art supplies, or even talent to begin.  


At Greenleaf & Blueberry, we are interested in pushing the boundaries of what a studio can be, taking plein air painting to new heights, and freeing the artist to create wherever inspiration strikes.  

We are devoted to producing the highest quality colors from the world's most fascinating pigments to facilitate your creative expression.  Superb performance, transparent color names, and single pigment paints allow you to have an intimate and trusting relationship with your color palette. 

We offer supplies adapted for adventure-- for mountain tops and forest trails, for airport layovers and long train rides, for sidewalk cafés and backyard gardens, for rooftops under the open sky and light-filled formal studios, ...and for any other place inspiration strikes.  Our supplies are designed to go wherever your own winding path leads and transform into the images you ask of them.


Ingredients For A Satisfying Painting Practice: 


Creativity is where dreams and realities merge.  It is a way of thinking and viewing the world.  It is the catalyst for innovation.  An essential lifeskill for seeing past tradition and redefining what is possible.  



A willingness to experiment and take risks.  It is an openness to exploration, which can carry you beyond both internal and external borders.  It allows you to live and move through life unfamiliar.  New people, places, and practices are absorbed and add new facets to your identity emerge as your mind evolves.


Quality Materials & Supplies

Supplies have two sides:  They are what the artist makes of them.  Only you can create your art - supplies alone cannot do that.  But supplies are also tools, and the physical structure of a piece of artwork is only as good as the supplies put into it.  If care is taken in selecting materials of quality, durability, and integrity, there is no reason why the finished piece of art that satisfies the artist should ever change.



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