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Master's Brush Soap - Travel Size

Made in USA


While it isn't necessary to use cleaner on your watercolor brushes after each time you paint, it is a good thing to do from time to time.  However, if you tend to enjoy using staining colors, it is a decent habit to be in to ensure you always begin with a clean brush (it's frustrating to dip your brush into white only to discover it wasn't thoroughly cleaned after the last use!).

I've used this brand for many years.  In particular, I love that this version is so tiny - I can justify keeping it with my travel kit at all times.

To use:  I use lukewarm water, gently swirl my brush on the soap, then gently swirl it on the palm of my hand alternating between adding more water and soap until no more color comes out.  Then rinse and reshape your brush, and lay it out to dry.


Brush Care:  After use, simply rinse your watercolor brushes in clean water, reshape the point/edge with your fingers and, if possible, lay them horizontally with heads off the edge of your surface to dry completely.  Avoid storing wet brushes in any kind of sealed container to prevent mold or degradation of the glue at the base of the bristles.


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