Priming Pad for Enamel Mixing Areas


Priming Pad for Enamel Mixing Areas

Melamine Foam
Made in Germany 

A sparking new enamel Bijoux Box or enamel mixing palette are always exciting.  But excitement is often quickly followed by frustration once you get down to the business of mixing your first colors.  Alas, new enamel beads like crazy, and can make you feel the same!  You can scrub as wildly as you wish and your mixed color will still hunch up into angry little paint beads, giving you no real indication of what your mixed color really looks like.

Over time, enamel surfaces gradually "break in".  But this takes time.  You can speed up this breaking-in process by priming your enamel mixing areas.

All you need is a little priming pad, made of melamine foam (the same material that makes up magic sponges from various companies).  You may have one of these sponges under your sink right now.

Just give you enamel a little scrub with these and you'll notice immediate improvement.

This little step only takes a few minutes, and really sets you ahead in terms of ease of use of your new palette.

The enamel oval mixing palette in the second picture has had the top half primed with the pad and the bottom half is like-new.  French Orange Ochre was then applied in the same way all over the surface.  You can see how the beading issue was immensely improved at top.

For more information and step-by-step instructions, feel free to read over the short blog post I have written for you on the topic.  (Click here)

Going forward, each of our Bijoux Boxes will include a complimentary Priming Pad.  We also have them for sale individually here as a convenience if you would like to treat an enamel surface you already own.  

I gently request that you not make a sole purchase of the priming pad, and only purchase it as an add-on to your order.  For less than the cost of what you will pay in shipping you can pick up a magic sponge next time you are at the store.

I advise you to prim your palette in a couple stages, to make sure you don't buff too aggressively at first and to make sure you are happy with the results.  It is easy to rinse and repeat.  Also remember, that this is intended to help reduce beading - not eradicate it all together.


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