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Brush Shaper

This is an excellent product to have on hand for when brushes need a little fix.  If a brush dries in a strange position leaving the hairs bent, if a few hairs go rogue, Brush Shaper can help set things back to rights.

Just dip the brush into the shaper solution, reshape it with your fingers, and set out to dry.  Rinse out the dried solution before you use it again, and your brush should be re-shaped.

Brush Shaper will not repair bristled that have become fuzzed and frayed (as can happen especially with synthetic brushes over time).  This solution won't wake the dead, but it is handy for repairs.  Just think of it as your first aid kit: there to heal brush boo-boos, but not helpful in performing surgery.

I have had a jar of this amongst my paintings supplies for years now and am delighted to be offering it here at last.


Brush Shaper is rated as non-toxic and carries no known risks when used properly.  It contains .1-1% Borax (a common ingredient in household detergents).  Using your fingers to shape your brush is just fine, just don't like.. fill you bathtub with it and then take a long soak every day.  If you are concerned, just pop on a glove to do your shaping.



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