Waterbrush Set (6 Brushes)

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Zig Brush2o Detailer
Waterbrush with Fine Round Point
Made in Japan
Length: 6" / 15cm

Zig Brush2o Medium
Waterbrush with Medium Round Point
Made in Japan 
Length: 6" / 15cm

Zig Brush2o Large
Waterbrush with Large Round Point
Made in Japan
Length: 6" / 15cm

Zig Brush2o Broad
Waterbrush, Small Flat 
Made in Japan
Length: 6" / 15cm

Yasutomo Niji Waterbrush Flat
Waterbrush, Large Flat, Long Handle
Made in Japan
Length: 7 1/8" / 18cm

Yasutomo Niji Waterbrush Medium Mini
Waterbrush with Medium Round Point
Made in Japan
Length: 6" / 15cm


This is a collection of all five of our very favorite waterbrushes.  It equips you with the full range of sizes: three rounds in fine, medium, and large, and two flat brushes for washes and color blocking.  


The Yasutomo Niji Waterbrush is made by the same company that produces our favorite Zig Brush2o waterbrushes. The brush head is a flat, and wider than the Zig Broad; it also features a longer handle, which means more water storage, which is convenient for the larger brush.  Also, different from the other models, the plastic ferrule can be removed to convert this brush into a round mop (as it won't have a tapered point).

Brush heads are made of synthetic filament bristles.  Water is stored in the plastic handle.  (Black plug needs to be removed to fill and then put back in place - I have good luck using my fingernail to remove it).  Simply give the handle a squeeze to load the brush with more water.  Water moves from the reservoir through an intermediary area with a sponge before reaching the brush tip; this causes a delay, so wait for a few seconds for the water to move from the handle to the tip after you squeeze.  

Synthetic bristles do not last as long as natural hair bristles, even when you take excellent care of your brush.  With use over time the tip of your brush will begin to fray.  Some artists enjoy keeping a newer brush and an older frayed one as they have different mark-making effects.

Why are there two medium rounds!  We have included the Yasutomo Medium Mini in this brush set for a few reasons: the Medium size is the most often used, and therefore the first to wear out, you can also swap out the reservoir of this brush with the extra long reservoir of the Yasutomo Flat so that your entire waterbrush set is the same length (this also makes the handles easier to differentiate between).  Swap is shown in last picture.

Reasons we love these brushes:

  • Convenience of storing water in handle when traveling, which eliminates the necessity of using a separate water cup that can be spilled.
  • Naturally results in a different painting workflow by eliminating the stop at the water cup; the brush simply travels between palette and paper.
  • Different sizes in different colors makes it easy to quickly grab the size you need.
  • The cap!  Having a cap on your brush makes them durable and so much easier and versatile to travel with

If you are curious to learn more about water brushes, I wrote a full blog post about them that you can view here.  I include pros and cons, as well as brand comparisons.

These tools take a bit of practice to get the hang of.  They will never be the same as using a traditional watercolor brush, but they are wonderfully convenient for a lightweight set-up and for quick sketches.

Hope you enjoy!

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