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General's Kneaded Eraser
Latex Free
PVC Free
Made in Malaysia

A kneaded eraser is one of the most important tools for any artist.  It sits at the gentlest end of the eraser spectrum, being soft and non-abrasive.  This eraser works more by lifting graphite away from the page.  (If you ever pressed Silly Putty to a newspaper and found a backwards copy of the print on the putty - this eraser works the same way).  

Specifically in watercolors we find this eraser particularly useful.  After you have made a pencil sketch and are preparing to add color, you can lighten the sketch and remove any extra graphite dust - this will prevent light colors and washes from taking on a grey or cloudy appearance.  Just roll the kneaded eraser between your hands into a thick "worm", then roll it back and forth over your drawing and watch it lighten! An essential.

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