Soft White Dust-Free Eraser


Soft White Dust-Free Eraser
Faber Castell
Made In Malaysia

In watercolor, it is important to be mindful of the color of the erasers you use.  Some erasers can smear color behind them on your nice white paper.  This eraser is white and designed to be very soft and dust-free.  It is very gentle on your paper.  Eraser bits roll together into little worms instead of leaving dust all over your paper.  The little rolls are easy to brush from your paper, unlike dust which can leave you smearing your paper with your hand, blowing them off and risking errant spit hitting your paper surface, or scrubbing away with a drafting brush.  I have used this style of eraser from Faber Castell for years, and am thrilled to be able to carry their white one.


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