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Showcasing a selection of our freshly cured and listed inventory.  Browse other sections to view our full range of available colors, sketchbooks, and accessories.  Our products tend to sell very quickly once available, so our shop frequently appears to be sold out.  Our colors are made slowly and carefully by hand in small batches.  We re-stock our shop every other Friday.  Time and details are published in our Newsletter.

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Sketcher's Set (Half-Pans)
Sold Out
Sketcher's Set (Full Pans)
Sold Out
New Adventure Set (Half-Pans)
Sold Out
Horizon Set (Half-Pans)
New Sunshine & Shadow Set (Half-Pans)
Jagged Horizons Set (Half-Pans)
Sold Out
Naturalist's Set (Half-Pans & Shells)
Sold Out
Tidier Than Traveling With Bottles of Ink Set (Half-Pans)
New Frog Eating A Pickle On A Pool Table Set (Half-Pans)
Sold Out
CMYK Set (Shells)
CMYKW Set (Half-Pans)
Sold Out
CMYKW Set (Full Pans)
Amethyst Balanced Carefully On An Eggplant In A Rather Large Jar Of Jelly Set (Half-Pans)
Yellow Trio (Half-Pans)
White Trio (Half-Pans)
Black Trio (Half-Pans)
Neutral Trio (Half-Pans)
Primary Ochre Palette w/ Vivianite (Full Pans)
Greyscale Duo (Full Pans)
New Wild Bird's Egg Palette (Full Pans)
Sold Out
Indanthrone Blue (Half-Pan)
Sold Out
French Violet Earth (Half-Pan)
Sold Out
Moroccan Red Ochre (Half-Pan)
Icelandic Red Earth (Half-Pan)
Sold Out
Green Opalite (Half-Pan)
Sold Out
Smalt (Half-Pan)
Sold Out
Dioxazine Violet (Half-Pan)
Sold Out
Codex Sketchbook 4 x 6" Landscape (Backpacker) - Various Paper Types
Codex Sketchbook 4 x 6" Landscape (Dayhiker) - Various Paper Types
Paint Mister
Paint Mister
Graphgear 500 Mechanical Pencil - Various Sizes
Permanent Liner - Various Sizes
Replacement Nib(s) for Permanent Liners - Various Sizes
Prismacolor (formerly Design) Kneaded Eraser
Maped Triangular #2 Pencil
Cedar Pencil
Cedar Pencil
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