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Color Name: Smalt
Pigment: Smalt
Color Index No.: PB32

Description:  A luminous velvety blue.  Moderate to larger particle size and low to moderate tinting strength.  The intensity builds with the applications of layers.  Similar in hue to Ultramarine Blue, but with entirely different behavior and characteristics.

Smalt is the oldest known man-made pigment, able to be traced back to use in ancient Egypt.  It is made from a blue glass colored with Cobalt.  Cobalt is a hazard if inhaled or ingested.  If used as intended as watercolor, you should have no problems.  But I would like to remind you that our colors are not designed for children.





We work with standard white plastic Half-Pans.  They are therefore durable and lightweight.  They also fit into most metal bijoux boxes and watercolor travel boxes.
Our Half-Pans measure: 2cm x 1.7cm x 1cm

Half-Pans are a great choice for artists who are going for a minimalist approach and tend to seek all of their supplies in tiny lightweight versions and for artists who love to carry as many colors as possible while still managing space and weight.  They are also a nice way to try out a color that is new to you.



Further information about our watercolor paints is available here.

Please be aware that every monitor and screen displays colors a little differently.  We have done our very best to show our colors as they appear in your hand.

**Please Note**: These colors are NOT intended for children. Half-Pans are small and therefore a choking hazard. Please use only as intended.
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