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Blackwing One-Step Long Point Pencil Sharpener
Machined Aluminum
Replaceable German Steel Blades
Made in China
Weight: 45 grams

This pencil sharpener checks all of my boxes:
  • Contains pencil shavings
  • Replaceable blades
  • Beautiful Point
  • Metal instead of plastic

While I wouldn't call the point long, it is longer than many hand-held sharpeners will give, but shorter than points made by wall-mounted sharpeners.  Still, the point is subtly concave and very beautiful.  The sharpener has three parts, as seen above.  This is a wonderful, durable sharpener, perfect for almost all sorts of travel.  (However, you may prefer the KUM if you are packing especially light.)  I have been searching for a great hand-held sharpener for years that checks all of my boxes - here it is at last!

**Replaceable blades sold separately** 


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