Multi-Length Pencil Sharpener

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Multi-Length Pencil Sharpener
5 Length Pencil Sharpener
Made in Japan
Available in three different colors: Blue, Black, or Pink

This is a rare beast: an affordable, hand-held, multi-length pencil sharpener.  It can sharpen pencils to 5 different lengths, pictured above.  This is a wonderful tool if you enjoy using pencils with tips of different lengths.  The shortest  lengths are quite short indeed, so I don't recommend this sharpener if you love very long pencil points.  This would be a better option for softer leaded pencils that are more prone to breakage, or if you just love different shorter lengths.  I personally use this for the pencils I want to use up slowly, like a vintage Mongol given to me as a present - I'm savoring every little bit of it.

Unfortunately, the blade does not appear to be replaceable, and at shorter lengths the pencils take quite a few spins to sharpen.  For most, this little sharpener is just a novelty, but for some it is a little palm-sized dream!


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