Fountain Pen, Various Sizes


Super5 Fountain Pen
Size: 0.7 
***Comes with 1 cartridge of WATER-SOLUBLE ink***
***Waterproof ink cartridges sold separately***


After years of experimenting with different fountain pens for drawing, this one has quickly become my favorite.  I enjoy it for writing and sketching, and most specifically, I enjoy using it with waterproof ink for drawings I'm planning to watercolor over.

The pen itself contains a single cartridge of blue *water-soluble* ink, but waterproof ink cartridges are available separately in a variety of colors (more on the way).


  • Subtle stub tip.  This means that there is some line variation depending on which direction the pen is moving.  This tends to give handwriting a more elegant look.
  • International cartridge compatible.
  • Converter compatible
  • Snap-on cap (not screw-on)
  • Can be disassembled for cleaning
  • Plastic barrel and cap
  • Metal and glass section (part that holds the nib and feed)


Notes for if you plan to use waterproof ink with this pen:

  • Use your pen regularly
  • Store pen with ink loaded
  • Clean pen if planning to store unused for a long period
  • If pen becomes clogged or stops writing, use room temperature water to flush through the system by rinsing, soaking, or lightly blowing it through
  • Waterproof ink is more work to clean up than water-soluble, so extra care should be taken when using it.
  • Nib and feed can be removed from section (it is a friction fit).  Use care when removing so you don't poke your hand with the nib!


I've selected this pen to carry and recommend based on it's nice balance of quality and utility, its compatibility with waterproof ink, and its ability to have maintenance done on it.

For more information on this topic, please read our blog post!


** Replacement ink sold separately **


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