Lifting Brush - Various Sizes

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Princeton Bright - Lifting Brush
Sizes 2, 4
Artist Grade
Made in India
***Long handle brush!!***


The Princeton Summit series features stiff white synthetic bristles, and is designed for use with acrylics.  However, this is my favorite lifting brush.  A lifting brush should have enough length to absorb water, and a good balance of stiffness and softness to pick up pigment and water from your paper without disturbing the paper surface.  I also find it useful to have white bristles for this specific application.  You don't want to accidentally add color to a lifted area, so it is helpful to have an extra easy way to eyeball your brush and make sure it's clean!

Please Note:  This is a long handle brush!  The long handle annoyed me, so I just broke the end of mine off and then sanded it smooth.  Do as you wish with yours, but just be aware that this handle arrives long.  (My brush is shown in the last picture.)

Tip: To extend the life of any paintbrush, use a pocket mister to spray down your watercolor pans a few minutes before you dive in and begin using them.  This saves your brush bristles from the extra fatigue and wear-and-tear of re-wetting each color.

Brush Care:  After use, simply rinse your watercolor brushes in clean water, reshape the point/edge with your fingers and, if possible, lay them horizontally with heads off the edge of your surface to dry completely.  Avoid storing wet brushes in any kind of sealed container to prevent mold or degradation of the glue at the base of the bristles.


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