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New Color Trio

Greenleaf & Blueberry Artisanal Handmade Watercolors

This small palette is comprised of 3 magnetized Half-Pans of color enclosed in a small travel tin, and accompanied by a hand-painted color chart.

This little collection contains our newest three colors.  This is NOT a "primary color" set, though each of these are primary colors.  This combination will mix a lovely bright orange, but the Greens and Purples will be much more earthy.  These colors were introduced to round our our primary color offerings and complete our split primary collection.  We are offering them together as a set as a convenience to those wishing to scoop them all up at once!

Colors Included:

Pyrrole Scarlet
Isoindoline Yellow
Phthalocyanine Cyan PB15:4

Also Included:
Small Travel Tin (silver color)
Hand-Painted Color Chart of colors included (sized to fit in lid of travel tin)

Further information about our watercolor paints is available here.

**Please Note**: This set and these colors are NOT intended for children. Half-Pans are small and therefore a choking hazard. Please use only as intended.


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