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As of June 2018, we have started offering a new purchasing option: Mail Order.

With every outgoing order (including individual sticker purchases), a Mail Order Request Card is included in your shipping materials.

Greenleaf and Blueberry Mail Order Request Card How To Purchase

How It Works:

1)  Fill Out Card.  When you receive your card, fill out the back side with your email address (printed neatly, please!) along with the products and quantities you would like to order.  

*Please Note*:  If you are placing an order for larger quantities or Limited Edition colors, this may vastly increase the amount of time needed to fulfill your order, and we may not be able to fulfill all orders (i.e. if you order a product we no longer make, if we cannot understand your order, if you order a quantity we cannot reasonably produce, etc.)

2)  Stamp & Send.  Place a stamp with necessary postage on the back of the card and drop it into the mail!

3)  Invoice & Payment.  When we receive your Mail Order Request card, we will file it in the order received.  When we have the products you requested ready, we will email you an invoice.  You then have two weeks to pay your invoice.  If we have not received payment for your order by the end of two weeks after emailing your invoice, we will consider your order cancelled and return your items into our inventory.

4)  Products Shipped!  Once we receive your payment, we will package your order and put it into the mail!  Once it is headed your way, you will receive a shipping confirmation and tracking number, as usual!


Note:  These cards are only available with purchase.  [Loophole: Purchases include individual sticker orders.  Our stickers are always available.]



We are a small craftsperson-run operation.  We create our colors slowly in small batches by hand the traditional way using muller and slab.  We are committed to quality over quantity and refuse to change our standards to meet greater demand.  Instead we prefer a more creative approach and try to make our colors available in a variety of different ways: via direct order online during weekly scheduled Shop Updates, direct order online during unscheduled Shop Updates, in choice brick-and-mortar art supply shops like Two Hands Paperie, through Giveaways, and now through Mail Order.

Fulfilling your Mail Order Request may take up to several months, but once you have mailed in your card you can sit back and rest assured that you will eventually receive the products you want, provided you have requested items we are currently producing and in quantities that we can supply.

On the other side of the coin, there is a faster turn around by shopping our weekly Updates.  However, I understand that these are not always scheduled at times that are convenient for every time-zone (we vary Update times so that everyone gets a chance to shop during daylight!), and waiting for a specific product may require some time investment over a few weeks if our supplies are very limited.

Either way, we are excited to be offering you a slower-paced way of purchasing our products!  We also want to thank each and every one of you for your years of patronage, patience, and support.

With Gratitude,

Jess & Matt

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