Paintable FAQs

What is a Paintable?

A Paintable is a printable project for you to paint yourself! In other words, a Paint-It-Yourself (PIY) project!  You will get to create a watercolor painting in the tradition of natural history depictions. A detailed rendering is provided (you get to skip right over that step!) in a printable version, along with instructions for completing your painting. All you need to do is print and paint in the color!


What is the Paintable Series?

The Greenleaf & Blueberry Paintable Series is a set of digital download projects that guide you through painting a piece of watercolor artwork.  These projects are released one at a time, available individually for a limited time only.  Within this Paintable Series, the same subject may be offered in various forms: these are categorized in Suites.  For example: our first offering is the Butterfly Suite, the first project of which is The Monarch Butterfly.


Do I need to be experienced in watercolor to do one of these projects?

Not at all!   These projects are designed for artists of any skill level.  Beginners will likely find these projects challenging, but they include tons of info and step-by-step instructions.  Just remember to be patient with yourself!  Relax, go slowly, and enjoy the process.  These are intended to be enjoyed in bits and pieces or over a long day or afternoon.


How do I buy it/ download it?

Our Paintable Projects are available for purchase and download through our Digital Shop, when available.


What exactly do I receive when I purchase a Paintable?

After purchasing a Paintable, you will be able to download up to five different files, depending on which project you purchase:

Printed Drawing
Tutorial & Info Packet
(Bonus Warm-Up Exercises) ~depending on project~
(Bonus Warm-UP Exercises Info Packet) ~depending on project~
Terms of Use

Each file will be in either a PDF or JPEG format.


Do I have to use the exact colors you recommend?

Not at all!  You are encouraged to use your own creativity!  The instructions that accompany each Paintable Project are really just guidelines to help you along completing your painting.


How long does it take to complete a project?

How long it takes you to complete a painting project depends on a number of variables, such as your level of experience, how much you take your time, whether or not you restart, etc.  In all likelihood, these project will take several hours to complete.  I urge you to approach them with patience and with enjoyment of the process being your overall goal.  Try to relax, savor, and take your time!


I would like to work on this with a friend.  Can I just give her a copy?

I’m sorry, but no.  These Printables are for personal use only.  A tremendous amount of time, work, and energy has gone into creating these for you.  We are attempting to offer them at a very reasonable price.  Please have your friends purchase their own copy so that we may continue to offer these.  Just think of it as a nice cup of coffee!


Can I sell the paintings I create from your Paintables?

No.  These are projects for you to enjoy and even gain experience from!  Feel free to give them as thoughtful gifts to friends and family, but under no circumstances are you allowed to sell them or offer your finished paintings as your own work.  Do not deprive yourself of discovering your own unique style!


Can I share my painting and/or works in progress on social media?

Absolutely!  We would love to see your work!  Just tag it with #GBPIY so that we can find it.


I changed my mind about this project / I don’t have the time to work on this after all, can I return it?

I’m sorry, but no.  Once you have purchased, the downloads are immediately available to you.  We unfortunately cannot offer refunds for digital items.


I meant to purchase a different project / may I exchange this project for a different project or digital item?

Unfortunately, no.  Paintables are only available individually for a limited time and cannot be swapped for past or other projects.


I wrote you an email/message and haven’t heard back!

Because of the volume of messages we receive, it is difficult to respond to each and every one of them.  Please read through our FAQS.  We will try to respond to you as quickly as we can, but it may take a few weeks.  We really appreciate your patience!

What exactly are the Terms and Conditions for use of your Paintables?

You can view our full Terms and Conditions for our Paintables here.