Welcome to the Greenleaf & Blueberry Paintable Series!  This is a collection of different watercolor Paint-It-Yourself projects for you to download, print off, and complete wherever you like!  They are created to give you all of the fun of painting and skip right over the drawing and planning steps.  These projects include a drawing, detailed instructions, tips, info, and more.

These are intended for all levels of experience.  For beginners, they may be a bit of a challenge- there is a lot of info in there!  For more experienced artists, these projects will likely be more straightforward.  The idea is for an artist of any skill level to be able to sit down with a new project and enjoy creating a watercolor painting.

Watch for them to be available again with the release of our next project this Spring: Stay Tuned! 


Greenleaf & Blueberry Paintable Project The Monarch Butterfly Printable GBPIY