Paintbrush FAQs



I would like to purchase one of your carved paintbrushes.  How do I place an order?

Our brushes are only available when ready.  We will share sneak peaks and details about when new carved brush collections will be available through our Newsletters.  You can subscribe at the bottom left of this page (just scroll down!)


I am interested in placing a custom brush order/ I would like to commission a specific brush design.  How do I do that?

While I very much appreciate your interest, I unfortunately cannot accept custom orders or commissions at this time.  


How long do your brushes take to complete?

Many, many hours.  Each brush design varies and takes a different amount of time.  A single brush can be in the works for several weeks.


How long have you been carving?

I started carving over 20 years ago.  I have worked in a variety of different carving mediums (including clay, wax, plaster, soap, foam, silver, copper, and bronze), but I enjoy wood the most.  I began carving brushes as a way to channel my deep appreciation for tools.  Well-worn tools that have been cared for can become cherished objects.  When I began carving brushes years ago, I was (very surprisingly) the only one!  My practice, my love of the intricacies of nature, and my wish to honor my tools inform my designs.  Each design is original, developed by me over hours, days, and years.


I enjoy carving too!  I would like to start carving my own paintbrushes.  Would it be alright if I use your brush designs?

I'm sorry, but no.  All of my designs are copyrighted.  I am honored if you have been inspired by my work.  And if you have been inspired to pick up the carving knife and try your hand at it, that is awesome!  Just make sure not to stray from inspiration and cross over to infringement.  I have developed my designs over many years.  What no one sees when looking at a finished piece of art is the blood, sweat, and tears that got the artist to the place where they were able to create that specific piece.  If you are interested in trying to recreate one of my designs for your own personal use, you may send me a written request and we will go from there.  Under no circumstances is anyone authorized to reproduce my designs and sell them.  If you see my designs for sale elsewhere, they are being sold without my consent.  Do not deny yourself the opportunity of finding your own style and your own artistic voice.


Greenleaf & Blueberry Hand-Carved Paintbrushes By Jess Greenleaf

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