G&B Pipestone Watercolor

Color Name: American Pipestone
Pigment Used: American Pipestone
Pigment Index No.: N/A
Lightfastness: Very Lightfast
Hue & Handling:  A soft dusty rose color.  Sometimes appearing more pink, other times more brown.  Wide range of pigment particle sizes, subtle granulation, some variegation, moderate to high opacity.  Moderate value range and tinting strength.

G&B Potter's Pink Watercolor

Color Name: Potter's Pink
Pigment Used: Potter's Pink
Pigment Index No.: PR233
Lightfastness: Very Lightfast
Hue & Handling:  A dusky, heavy pink.  Surprisingly useful in color mixes.  Narrow range of pigment particle sizes at the finer end of the size spectrum.  Pleasant granulation, some variegation.  Moderate opacity, and moderate leaning to strong tinting strength.

Greenleaf & Blueberry Quinacridone Magenta Watercolor Swatch

Color Name: Quinacridone Magenta
Pigment Used: Quinacridone Magenta
Pigment Index No.: PV19
Pigment Type: Organic
Pigment Classification: Synthetic
G&B Category: Hybrid
Lightfastness: High
Hue Category: Magenta
Opacity: Low
Tinting Strength: High
Value Range: Moderate
Pigment Particle Size: Very Fine - Fine
Granulation: Low
Variegation: Low
Flocculation: Moderate
Toxicity: None
Notes: Very useful as a primary red for mixing clean purples and fiery oranges.

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