Bookmark Pad, 140lbs, Cold Pressed

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Bookmark Pad, 140lbs, Cold Pressed
100% Cotton
15 Sheets
Acid Free
Made in Germany

Size: 8cm x 10.5cm / 3.1in x 4.1in


A pad of watercolor paper designed expressly for painting bookmarks.  However, I think these are splendid for tiny panoramas.  Either way, there are a number of different creative things you can use this for.  And it is wonderfully portable.


All of the electricity  Hahnemühle uses is generated exclusively from renewable resources, such as wind, water, and solar energy.  All scraps are returned to the production cycle, and waste is recycled.  Their production process is so clean that they water used in the process does not need to be treated before being returned to its natural source.  


**Please note the size and the picture - this is a very small pad of paper! 

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