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Empty Bijoux Box - 24 Pan 
Accomodates 24-26 Half-Pans

Black Exterior, White Interior
Enamel Coated Metal
Made in Germany

Enamel Bijoux Boxes are a classic choice to house your watercolors while traveling.  They are durable, securely cradle pans, and provide ample space to mix colors.  Our Bijoux Boxes are German-manufactured and of very high quality.  There are less expensive flimsier ones on the market that resemble these, but that perform very differently.  A good Bijoux Box is an investment that should last you many years.  Indeed, they can be passed down from generation to generation, and often become treasured objects.


Bijoux Box Features:
  • Durable metal construction.
  • German manufactured.
  • White enamel interior surface for color mixing.
  • Designed expressly for use with watercolors.
  • Fold-out color mixing flap.
  • Divided mixing areas in lid and on flap.
  • Metal thumb loop on bottom.
  • Removable insert.
  • Can accommodate both standard Half-Pans and Full Pans.


Enamel is considered a superior mixing surface, especially in comparison with plastic mixing palettes. However, brand new enamel causes your paint to bead up as frustratingly as any new surface. While enamel "breaks in" beautifully and naturally in time.  However, if you would prefer to speed up this process, you can prepare or prime the mixing areas of your new bijoux box.

The secret is micro-abrasion. Over time with natural use, your brush and pigments naturally upbraid the surface of the enamel, which lessens the surface tension of your paint and allows it to spread on the mixing surface.  Simply use the priming pad we include with your Bijoux Box purchase and follow the listed instructions.



**Please Note**: This set and these colors are NOT intended for children. Half-Pans are small and therefore a choking hazard. Please use only as intended.
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