Enamel Mixing Palette

Made in Germany 

This is an oval white enamel mixing palette with thumb hole.  If you enjoy mixing the perfect color, but often find yourself without enough space in your travel palette, this is a perfect addition to your travel kit.  It is lightweight and durable, with a beautiful white space to mix your colors, and features round indentations for wetter mixes.  You can also stick magnetic pans to it while you work!

Before first use, wash palette and scrub with a sponge - this helps your paints not to bead while you "break it in".

Enamel is considered a superior mixing surface, especially in comparison with plastic mixing palettes. However, brand new enamel beads up your paint as frustratingly as any new surface. 

The secret is micro-abrasion. Over time with natural use, your brush and pigments naturally upbraid the surface of the enamel, which lessens the surface tension of your paint and allows it to spread on the mixing surface. You can speed up this process by priming with the palette priming pad we include with your purchase.


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