Gardener's Watercolor Kit

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Gardener's Watercolor Kit
Assorted Makers, including Greenleaf & Blueberry

This kit is designed for the gardener.  It contains the essentials and most useful quality creative tools and supplies for painting and sketching in your garden, documenting natural subjects, or creating your own seed packet labels for sharing your seed collection with friends, family, and neighbors.

Kit is designed to be compatible with the Seed Packet Paintable Project, which contains a variety of seed packet label templates.

Read more about the supplies in this kit and the project it is designed around in this blog post.

Kit Includes:

Gardener's Set Travel Watercolor Palette (Greenleaf & Blueberry)
Waterbrush - Fine Tip (Zig Brush20)
HB Pencil (Caran d'Ache Graphwood)
Non-Photo Blue Pencil (Caran d'Ache Sketcher)
Water Soluble Pencil (General's Sketch & Wash)
2 White Eraser Caps
Kneaded Eraser (General's)
Dip Pen (Tachikawa T-40)
3 Nibs & Tin (Tachikawa G Nibs)
2 Permanent Liners (Copic MultilinerSP Size 0.1 & 0.3)
Pocket Mister
Glue Stick (UHU)
Rice Tape
50 Glassine Envelopes 2x2" (for seeds)
Drawstring Travel Bag (Greenleaf & Blueberry)

The Gardener's Set
This set is designed to be both lightweight and very versatile, and is specifically geared to depicting plants.  CMYKW colors are included in 5 natural seashell pans, and 5 Half-Pans of natural pigment colors are included.  The natural pigments in Half-Pans are intended as base colors that will be used most often.  The CMYKW colors are there to make minor adjustments to your base colors to achieve the correct hue.  For example, Green Earth is well-suited as a base foliage color, but can bee turned cooler (to match kale leaves) with the addition of Phthalo. Cyan, and it can be brightened and warmed (to match fresh endive or lettuce) with the addition of a touch of Quinox. Yellow.  Slate is well-adapted for shadows.  The CMYKW colors are wonderful for pops of colors in blooms or fully ripened produce.

Colors included:
Red Ochre, Half-Pan
Yellow Ochre, Half-Pan
Green Earth, Half-Pan
Brown Ochre, Half-Pan
Slate, Half-Pan
Quinacridone Magenta, Shell
Quinoxalinedione Yellow, Shell
Phthalocyanine Blue, Shell
Grey Ochre, Shell
Titanium White, Shell

Drawstring Bag
This bag is handmade by yours truly on a 1917 treadle sewing machine.  The bag is constructed out of pre-washed 100% organic cotton twill and features a 100% organic hemp drawstring.  Thread is also 100% organic cotton.  This bag is designed for durability and longterm use, so that you have a safe place to store your favorite supplies and have them always at the ready.

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