Heart-Shaped Watercolor Box - BROWN BOX


Heart-Shaped Watercolor Box - Brown Box
22 Colors
Greenleaf & Blueberry Artisanal Handmade Watercolors

For years people have told me that our colors look like little chocolates.  I couldn't resist the temptation to dress them up like they really were!

You can open the pans of color all at once, or go slowly, opening them one at a time for a little burst of inspiration when needed.

I wonderful gift of course, but also excellent for treating oneself, as should be done from time to time.

This collection is made up of colors that make a spectacular palette that is excellent for color mixing and tackling any subject.


Colors Included:

Quinacridone Magenta
French Red Ochre
Pyrrole Red
French Orange Ochre
Benzimidazolone Orange
Italian Yellow Ochre
Quinoxalinedione Yellow
Italian Green Earth
Chinese Malachite
Phthalocyanine Green
Ultramarine Blue
Phthalocyanine Cyan
Indanthrone Blue
Armenian Purple Ochre
Dioxazine Violet
Ultramarine Purple
Italian Brown Ochre
French Grey Ochre
Lamp Black
German Graphite
French Slate
Titanium White


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