Horizon Set - Re-Release Watercolor Palette, Half-Pans

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The Horizon Set (Re-Release)
Greenleaf & Blueberry Artisanal Handmade Watercolors

This palette is comprised of 12 magnetized Half-Pans of color enclosed in a travel tin, and accompanied by a hand-painted color chart.

The colors in this palette are arranged first by color category (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown).  Each of these color categories is represented by two very different pigments.  This collection includes natural Ochre and Mineral pigments, as well as Historical pigments, and Natural/Synthetic Hybrid pigments.

This mixture provides you with versatile primary colors (Quin. Magenta, Quinox. Yellow, and Phthalo. Cyan) that will allow you to mix nearly any hue, as well as colors with very unique characteristics that are impossible to achieve through mixing.  Red Ochre is smooth and rich, Yellow Ochre is a secret weapon to tone down the punch of high chroma synthetic colors, Green Opalite is a velvety olive green with large pigment particles, Malachite is cool with the most subtle crystalline glimmer, Smalt has a cosmic depth, Violet Hematite has an intense tinting strength and stunning variegation, Ultramarine Violet has a surprising opacity, Brown Ochre is useful anywhere, and Chromite granulates in the most spectacular fashion.

The most magical things happen at the horizon - dazzling displays of color, reality-defying cloudscapes, a beckoning that inspires us to think bigger and push onward.  This is the palette to help you capture those moments of beauty and wonder on paper.

Colors Included:
Moroccan Red Ochre
Quinacridone Magenta
Quinoxalinedione Yellow
Green Opalite
Phthalocyanine Cyan
Violet Hematite
Ultramarine Purple
Brown Ochre

Also Included:
Travel Tin (silver color)
Hand-Painted Color Chart of colors included (sized to fit in lid of travel tin)

Further information about our watercolor paints is available here.

**Please Note**: This set and these colors are NOT intended for children. Half-Pans are small and therefore a choking hazard. Please use only as intended.
All images and descriptions are copyrighted by Greenleaf & Blueberry™
© Greenleaf & Blueberry LLC 2011-2021


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