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~for watercolor~

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A Paintable Project is a printable tutorial & drawing for you to paint yourself! In this Paintable, you will get to create a watercolor painting of a Luna Moth in the tradition of natural history depictions. A detailed rendering of a Luna Moth is provided (you get to skip right over that step!) for you to print onto watercolor paper, along with step-by-step instructions, bonus exercises, extra info, and more. All you need to do is paint in the color!

Just print, then paint!

Included in this listing:
Luna Tutorial & Info Packet 
Bonus Warm-Up Exercises Info Packet
Terms of Use
Buckeye Drawing 
Bonus Warm-UP Exercises 
File Size:  22.4 MB
Pages:  31

**The Luna Drawing and the Bonus Warm-Up Exercises are intended to be printed on watercolor paper (details below).**

This project is designed to be enjoyed in little bits over several days or over a long, slow afternoon. The included packets are packed with info and instructions to help guide you through the process of creating your Luna Moth. However, you are encouraged to use your own creativity! Relax, enjoy, and savor the process.

The painting itself includes fine detail. This project should be approached with patience and a relaxed attitude. Any mistakes should be welcomed as learning experiences. One of the upsides of using a printable is that you can easily start over! No labor-intensive drawing is going to be ruined!

**Again, this painting is small and includes fine details.**
Size of Luna Moth:
width: 4" inches
height: 4" inches

The Luna Moth Drawing:
On the Luna Drawing print-out, you are presented with two of the same image (so your nice watercolor paper goes a little further) as a faint printed graphite drawing. Since you are printing this file on watercolor paper (more info below), you get to paint directly onto the printed drawing!

Each drawing is formatted to fit on a a 5" x 7" size, with a faint rectangle delineating this measurement around each butterfly for easy cutting/tearing when you are ready to frame your painting!

Watercolor Paper:
I suggest you use a large sheet (20cm x 20cm) of Arches 90 lb. Cold Press Watercolor Paper. It can be cut down to six individual 8.5 inch x 11 inch pieces of paper.
**Watercolor paper is commonly available in 140 lb. weight, however this heavy a paper will not go through most printers. Make sure you are using a 90 lb. weight watercolor paper.**

1) Once you have cut your watercolor paper to size, load it into your printer in such a way that the more textured side of the paper is the side on which your images will be printed. (Cold Press watercolor paper is more textured on one side of the paper than the other. The more textured side is intended for your painting surface.)
2) Make sure to print on on a Black & White or Grayscale setting. I have had excellent results with my Epson Workforce 2660.
3) Only the Luna Drawing and Warm-Up Exercises need to be printed on watercolor paper.  When printing these, make sure to only select pages 30 & 31 to print so that you don't waste your watercolor paper.  Print dialog boxes (where you make your color and page selections) are each different depending on your computer, operating system, and document openers - but you should be able to select specific pages to print.

Getting Started:
I suggest that you print out your Informational Packets first. Give them a read-through to start getting acquainted with the project. They contain information on materials, technique, step-by-step instructions, terms, resources, etc. Then go ahead and print your Bonus Warm-Up Exercises and Luna Drawing on your watercolor paper. Do your Warm-Up Exercises first (even more than once if you wish!). Then move onto painting your Luna Moth. Remember to proceed with patience. This is not designed to be a quick-and-easy project. You will hopefully end up with a painting that pleases you. So, relax and enjoy the process!

**Please note that these files are all in English. I unfortunately cannot assist with translations (you wouldn't want me to anyway!)**

***Again, this Item Listing is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. No supplies or materials are included in this listing. Digital Downloads are available after purchase, nothing will be shipped through the mail.***


PLEASE NOTE: This digital download is intended for *personal use only*. Please do not copy, reproduce, sell, or distribute. One per person, please! An immense amount of work, time, and energy went into creating this project for you and I would love to be able to make more! Please use only as intended.

If it helps, just think of this project like purchasing a nice cup of coffee. It is priced similarly! If you and your friend go to the coffee shop together, you likely don't share the same cup. You each buy your own drink or one of you treats the other to her own cup. Thanks for understanding. Cheers! ☕

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