Permanent Liner - Various Sizes


Copic Multiliner SP - Select desired size
Permanent Liner Pen
Made in Japan

This is our absolute favorite liner pen!

Reasons we love this pen:

  • Reusable metal barrel
  • Refillable ink
  • Replaceable nibs
  • Permanent, waterproof ink
  • Archival pigmented ink

When you purchase a Copic product, you know you are getting something that is beautifully designed and very high quality.  We use these pens around our studios and I frequently use them in my own artwork.  They are perfect for line drawing that you intend to paint over as they are waterproof.  Also, the replaceable nib means that you can use these on watercolor paper (which is notorious for quickly wearing down fine nibs) and simply replace the nib instead of discarding the entire pen.  Plus, they are beautiful to boot!  Worth the investment - the environment will thank you!


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