Prismacolor (formerly Design) Kneaded Eraser


Prismacolor (Design) Kneaded Eraser

Made in China

A kneaded eraser is one of the most important tools for any artist.  It sits at the gentlest end of the eraser spectrum, being soft and non-abrasive.  This eraser works more by lifting graphite away from the page.  (If you ever pressed Silly Putty to a newspaper and found a backwards copy of the print on the putty - this eraser works the same way).  

Specifically in watercolors we find this eraser particularly useful.  After you have made a pencil sketch and are preparing to add color, you can lighten the sketch and remove any extra graphite dust - this will prevent light colors and washes from taking on a grey or cloudy appearance.  Just roll the kneaded eraser between your hands into a thick "worm", then roll it back and forth over your drawing and watch it lighten! An essential.

Some artists prefer the Prismacolor, formerly known as Design Kneaded Eraser, above all others.

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