Sample Set in Seashells - 2024

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Sample Set in Seashells - 2024
Greenleaf & Blueberry Artisanal Handmade Watercolors

This wee palette includes 4 colors that we will be introducing later this year, 4 of our Limited Release colors that usually only make their way to our shop once a year, and 4 of our bestselling colors from our Main Line.

Each color is nestled in a natural seashell next to its color label.  This palette is very much just for fun, and to add a little something exciting to the beginning of your year.

This set is in a slider tin, which is slimmer than our medium palette tins with the hinges.  

I am so excited for each one of these new colors.  Each was chosen for specific reasons and with specific intention.  I will look forward to elaborating when we release each one later this year!

Colors Included:

Main Line
Benzimidazolone Orange
Indanthrone Blue
American Violet Hematite

New Colors (For release in 2024)
Anthraquinone Red
Rutile Tin Zinc Orange
Nickel Azo Yellow

Limited Edition Colors (Annual Release Only)
French Red Ochre Dark
Potter's Green
Yucatán Mayan Blue
Japanese Tiger's Eye


Palette sheet is in a slider tin, no color chart


Greenleaf & Blueberry 2011-2024

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