Tomorrow Mono Colored Pencil Eraser / Sanded Eraser for Ink
Sanded Eraser
Made in Japan

One of the most useful erasers, especially for the watercolorist.  This is a sanded eraser, which makes it much more aggressive (think of it like a gentle sandpaper).  This means it will have a greater effect on more stubborn stains, such as darker graphite, ink, and watercolor.  It helps to think of it more as a lightener or as an aid in lifting.

**Please keep in mind**: This eraser is not magic.  It functions through rubbing off the top layer of artwork and can easily damage your paper (or even rub a hole through it!) if used too aggressively.  Best used on thicker papers. For use in watercolors, if you use this eraser on an area you intent to paint over, make sure to be gentle and use a light touch so you don't destroy the paper finish - otherwise washes or painted areas will betray the damage to the paper.

Reasons we love this eraser:

  • It packs a punch, and can lighten stubborn stains and colors
  • Light in color so it won't smudge your paper
  • Small size
  • Durable paper covering to extend its life by keeping the body of it clean


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