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A Paintable is a printable project for you to paint yourself! In this Paintable, you will get to create a collection of mini seed packet labels using a template.  Step-by-step instructions will guide you through painting in your seed packet labels - which seed varieties you choose is all up to you!  (The pictures above are just one of the template layout options with my own seed packet illustrations from this season.)  A selection of different seed label templates in a variety of different layouts are provided (you get to skip right over that tedious step!) in a printable version, along with step-by-step instructions and suggested supply list. All you need to do is sketch in your designs, paint in the color, and use your imagination to complete your project!

Just print, then design and add color!

Included in this listing:
Seed Packet Label Supply List & Step-By-Step Instructions
Seed Packet Label Templates
-3 Different Layouts
-5 Designs Per Layout
-2x2" Envelope Template (to create your own envelopes)
Terms of Use

File Size:  31.8MB
Pages: 14

**The Seed Packet Labels  are intended to be printed on a variety of different printer compatible papers**


Make sure to print on on a Black & White or Grayscale setting. I have had excellent results with my Epson Workforce 2660.

**Please note that these files are all in English. I unfortunately cannot assist with translations (you wouldn't want me to anyway!)**

***Again, this Item Listing is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY. No supplies or materials are included in this listing. Digital Downloads are available after purchase, nothing will be shipped through the mail.***


PLEASE NOTE: This digital download is intended for *personal use only*. Please do not copy, reproduce, sell, or distribute. Yes, this includes finished paintings.  (The finished projects make wonderful gifts.)  One purchase per person, please! An immense amount of work, time, and energy went into creating this project for you and I would love to be able to make more! Please use only as intended.

If it helps, just think of this project like purchasing a nice cup of coffee. It is priced similarly! If you and your friend go to the coffee shop together, you likely don't share the same cup. You each buy your own drink or one of you treats the other to her own cup. Thanks for understanding. Cheers! ☕

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