Tachikawa Straight Pen
Tachikawa T-40 Pen Holder
Straight Pen with Lid
Made in Japan

A versatile tool for both sketching and calligraphy.  I like to use mine to create beautiful illustrated postcards!  

A straight pen is a dip pen for use with metal nibs, meant to be dipped into ink.  However, watercolor paint can be used instead of ink!  Simply use a brush to stir enough water into the surface of your chosen watercolor until you reach a creamy consistency, then use the brush to load it onto the underside of the metal nib, from tip to middle hole.

I specifically use the Tachikawa straight pen for a number of reasons:

  • It has a cap!  It allows you the convenience of keeping a nip loaded in the pen while preventing it from both getting damaged or damaging the carrying case with its pointy end.
  • The cap has a handy little tab to prevent your pen from rolling off the table.
  • The cap is designed to stay on the end of your pen, just like any other cap.
  • This pen is compatible with a full range of nib sizes, including crow quills!
  • The grip is comfortable and prevents the pen from slipping while you hold it.

Using either watercolor or ink, you can use this pen for:

  • line sketching
  • cross-hatching
  • adding fine line work to a pencil sketch or painting
  • writing
  • calligraphy

For tips on calligraphy, I recommend looking here!

Pen comes loaded with 1 Tachikawa G Nib.



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