Travel Brush Box With Brushes - Missouri Black Walnut (Medium)

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Medium Brush Box With Brushes
Air Dried Black Walnut
Greenleaf & Blueberry
Handmade in Western Colorado


The safest way to travel with your favorite traditional brushes.  Sponges keep brushes held securely in place inside a sturdily built wood box with magnet closures. Design prevents brushes from sliding back and forth, compromising the tip or rattling around and cracking handle lacquer.  It is best to open box to let brushes dry completely overnight.  Designed and made by Greenleaf & Blueberry.

Brushes Included
Da Vinci Cosmotop Round, Size 2
Da Vinci Cosmotop Round, Size 6
Da Vinci Cosmotop Quill, Size 0
Da Vinci Cosmotop Liner, Size 4
Da Vinci Casaneo Quill, Size 2
Princeton Neptune Flat, Size 1/2"


***Will fit most small to medium size watercolor brushes.  Check measurements to make sure yours will fit.***

Interior (Each Compartment): 8" x 2", 1/2" Deep
Exterior: 8.5" x 2 5/8" x 1 3/8"

Made with black walnut from family land.  These were trees planted and harvested by Nature herself, likely toppled in windstorms years after forgetful squirrels planted them in the heart of the Missouri Ozark Foothills.

My mother is the one with the eye for tree types (and birds and morel mushrooms).  After she spies a down walnut, she and my father haul it under cover.  Matt and my dad milled these trunks into boards, then stacked them to dry for a year before we haul them out to Western Colorado, where they dried for several more years in our dry cold desert air.  

The deep color of our walnut can only be obtained from slowly air drying it.  Kiln dried wood is the norm, as air dried wood is nearly impossible to come by.

After the wood has fully dried and cured, we then transform it into boxes, by hand, in our studios.  We use a peg and floating cover construction, which gives it both strength and flexibility.  Wood tends to expand and contract, depending on environment.  We want these boxes to last a lifetime.

Hinges are heavy brass, made in USA.

Brushes are held in place with polyester sponge (we would never use natural).  Over time, the sponge will conform to the shape of the brushes it holds.  Brushes need to be worked into the slits in the sponge for secure storage - don't worry, it's very straightforward and easy to get the hang of.

Embedded magnets create a satisfying click when you close the box and hold it shut while you travel.

We will be producing three sizes of Travel Brush Boxes, two of which are available today:

  • Small - Holds 4 Brushes: For the minimalist who doesn't have much space or weight to space, but is dead set on carrying their favorite brushes. ** Brushes will need to have their handles trimmed to fit into this box!**  It is tiny!  This Brush Box is for a very specific artist!

  • Medium - Holds 6 Brushes: Designed for small to medium sized brushes.  This is the Brush Box that will allow you to transport 6 of your favorites (without trimming the handle).

  • Large - Holds 14 Brushes:  This Brush Box is for the
    maximalist, or the artist who prefers to use only traditional brushes on the go.  It can hold larger, longer brushes, and more of them.

All boxes bear our maker's mark: our veiny oak leaf, branded onto the back of the box.


© Greenleaf & Blueberry LLC 2011-2021

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