Travel Salt Pinch (Various Salts)

Table Salt

Kosher Salt

Dead Sea Salt, Fine

Dead Sea Salt, Coarse

Hawaiian Lava Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt, Fine

Himalayan Pink Salt, Coarse

Using salt in watercolors creates beautiful effects and is a really fun way to infuse a little extra depth, texture, and creativity in your work.  Different salts will yield subtly different results, depending on grain size, color, mineral content, etc.

We are excited to offer a variety of different salts in a travel salt pinch so that you can enjoy this technique while you travel - for those moments when you don't happen to be at a cafe with a convenient salt shaker at hand.  

Tip: While these tins have a lid that screws on tightly, it can be hard to unscrew sometimes!  Just give it a few little taps on a table along the threading and they should open up.  You can also wrap grippy tape around them too.


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