Watercolor Pad by Hahnemühle, Paper Type Sampler

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Watercolor Pad, Paper Type Sampler
14 Sheets of various paper types
Acid Free
Made in Germany

Size: 17cm x 24cm / 6.7in x 9.4in

This is a pad of different types of watercolor by Hahnemühle, a sampler.  Here are the papers it contains:

  1. The Collection Watercolour 300 gsm, 100% cotton rag, cold pressed (mould-made)
  2. The Collection Watercolour 640 gsm, 100% cotton rag, rough (mould-made)
  3. Agave Watercolour 290 gsm, cold pressed
  4. Turner 300 gsm, 100% cotton rag, cold pressed (mould-made)
  5. Hahnemühle 300 gsm, cold pressed (mould-made)
  6. Harmony 300 gsm, cold pressed
  7. Harmony 300 gsm, rough
  8. Harmony 300 gsm, hot pressed
  9. Expression 300 gsm, 100% cotton rag, cold pressed
  10. Britannia 300 gsm, cold pressed
  11. Britannia 300 gsm, rough
  12. Britannia 300 gsm, hot pressed
  13. Torchon 275 gsm
  14.  Cornwall 450 gsm, cold pressed


The variety of paper types available to watercolorists is exciting, but also very overwhelming.  And it can be rather expensive to try even a small assortment of options.  This pad is really exciting because it offers a sheet (instead of a sample square or scrap) to try out a wide variety of different kinds of papers.  This can help you make a decision about which paper types are best for your painting practice and best suit your preferences.

Sheets are thoughtfully numbered so that even if you remove them, you will still be able to know which paper type is which.  A description of each paper type is printed on the inside of the cover.

Hahnemühle's alpha cellulose is responsibly sourced from sustainably managed forests that are either FSC- or PEFC-certified.  All of the electricity  Hahnemühle uses is generated exclusively from renewable resources, such as wind, water, and solar energy.  All scraps are returned to the production cycle, and waste is recycled.  Their production process is so clean that they water used in the process does not need to be treated before being returned to its natural source.  

It was the combination of thoughtful design, durability, quality, and affordability that won me over to Hahnemühle sketchbooks.  Their environmental attention and policies have made me feel proud of my choice.

Arches vs. Hahnemühle

Arches paper is widely considered the standard in watercolor.  I use both.  Arches however does not offer the variety of papers or sketchbooks that Hahnemühle does.  Arches is gelatin-sized (an animal by-product of the meat industry).  Hahnemühle papers are starch-sized.  The main difference is that Hahnemühle papers have less open time by about 15-25%.  Just take this into account when planning washes and area size when working over a zone of your painting.


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