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MOO White Vinyl Eraser
Made in Korea


This is one of my favorite erasers, and an essential that I carry in every kit.  This is a white eraser, which is almost essential for use on watercolor paper.  With colored erasers, you run the risk of the eraser smearing its color across your paper.  Some erasers just trail their color and others will after they have become hard and stale.  This eraser is also pretty clean - it doesn't crumble, but instead leaves behind larger rolls, which are easier to sweep away or blow off than tiny crumbs.  Another reason to love this eraser is that it comes in a paper case.  This might not seem like a big deal, but when you travel with your supplies it's huge.  This case keeps your white eraser pristine, and therefore your paper stays smudge-free too.  Erasers that rattle around in your pencil bag can get covered in graphite and will smudge it all over your nice white paper when you go to erase unless you take the time to clean your eraser off first - better to just keep it clean in the first place.

Only downside to this eraser is that it has an icky plastic smell when it is brand new.  Just leave it out for a while and the smell will dissipate. 

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