Mini Tube of Magnetizing Glue

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Mini Tube of Magnetizing Kit



We have found this glue works very well for attaching our strong magnets to pans.  For a complete set of instructions for how to magnetize your pans, please see this article.

This mini tube unfortunately does not have the narrow applicator tip that the larger tubes do.  We have found it works best with these to create a large bead of glue on scrap paper and dip the magnet into it, rather than applying glue directly from the tube to the pan, which can be rather messy.

When using E6000 glue or any other glue that comes with a warning, make sure to work in a well ventilated area and wear a proper mask.  If you can smell the fumes, adjust your mask or ventilation!

E6000 comes with all of the nasty warnings.  Again, use only with a proper mask and ventilation! 

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